A Board Members Point of View


I have volunteered for many organizations over the last 30 years, helping as best as I can to give what I have. It’s easy to give money but I feel getting involved and giving your time really feeds my soul.

Back in 2015, I found out about Angel Anonymous through a friend I had recently met. She was looking for a cake for a beautiful woman dying with cancer and all she wanted was to marry the love of her life before she passed. This hit home with me. I had lost my Soul mate/Husband suddenly in 2012. I was so grateful that I got to marry the love of my life and spend the years we had together. I was all for helping in any way I could to let this woman feel the happiness that I have enjoyed. I was hooked since. Attending functions and helping with wishes. Next thing I was asking to be on the board as I wanted to be involved in all areas and with as many wishes as possible.

Angel’s Anonymous only grants wishes to Adults who are terminally ill. We need to spread the word about Angel’s Anonymous, We need to raise money so these Adults can receive the same attention and get their last dying wishes answered.

Please consider volunteering, Get on our mailing list. Come to an event. Send us your coffee money for one month and read about the difference you have made in a family’s life. It will change you.

Buy a ticket to our fundraiser on June 15th and say Hi, I would love to meet you.