Dreams Come True

Seeing a new Granddaughter

Elizabeth had a new granddaughter whom she had never seen.  Her wish was to be able to hold her 6 week old granddaughter, Rae Anna in her arms.  We flew her daughter Tiffany and granddaughter from Calgary down to Windsor, ON to spend a week of cuddling the baby and making memories.

A Weekend by the Ocean

Carol is beautiful 41 year old lady from Ontario.  Her dream was to go to Prince Edward Island for a holiday.  This was to be Carol’s last holiday and we wanted it to be special for her.

She had an amazing time by the Ocean and her mother wrote –

On behalf of my daughter Carol and myself sincere thank you for making my daughter’s dream come true. We enjoyed ourselves in PEI, we had a beautiful cottage at Seawinds with a view of the water, picturesque and peaceful, the ideal place for my beautiful Carol.


Going to the Game!

Burnie has always been a Toronto Blue Jay fan.  His whole family watches the games on TV and includes a lovely wife of 34 years and 3 children as well as 4 grandchildren.

Burnie wanted to be able to take his family to a game and to be able to experience a day of fun, excitement and happiness.  We arranged to make that happen by renting a party room for a game and having catering drop by with some great snacks.  A great time was had by all!

burnie picture

A Trip to Disney!

This in from James and his family. We were able to help James with his wish of taking his family to Disney World.

Dear Angels Anonymous,

My family and I wish to say the BIGGEST HEART FELT THANK YOU TO YOU we could possibly give for our wonderful trip to Disney! In the past 7 years we have lived with my devastating illness, which has left us mentally, physically and financially devastated. However with your amazing generosity, we were able to spend a week at a magical place worry free and the best part was I was able to watch my beautiful wife and 2 boys smile again!
Life truly is precious and unfortunately we all take it for granted until a life changing disease is introduced into the family, then every little detail, memory and hug becomes very important! We have also found that this illness has shown us that our country has so many wonderful people in it, always willing to go out of their way to help and Angels Anonymous certainly does that!

You have given us a wonderful gift that has been amazing to build lasting memories and again we can never thank you enough, you definitely are Angels and may God bless you each and every day!



A Wedding to remember!

Melanie is 40 years old and wanted to get married to Damian, her soulmate. Melanie has breast cancer so the theme of the wedding was pink. So many wonderful people stepped up to help with this wedding that we have to name a few.

Kemba Designsnot only made a beautiful bracelet for the Maid of Honor, but they also donated the rings for the Bride and Groom.
Funky petals in Sherwood park donated all the flowers and they were beautiful !
Carmel Baird donated funds for the cake and the icing was of course pale pink,
Ethos Bridal helped out with the wedding dress alterations.

Melanie and Damian

Melanie and Damian

Tickets to the game!

Angelo was a huge Toronto Maple Leafs Fan. He and his boys who are 8 and 12 would watch every Maple Leafs game. His wish was to have some involvement with the Leafs team but unfortunately he passed away before we could make that happen. What we were able to do with help from our volunteer Cathy Forster, and an anonymous donor, was to send the boys, Alex and Oliver to a Leafs game.

They were able to meet the players on the ice after the game and also got into the changing room to talk to some of the players. The smile on the boys faces showed what a great time was had by all.


leaft hockey team


New York New York

Phoebe wanted to take her family to New York. She wrote to us in her letter, “If I can have a chance I want to be with my children in a place that they would like to see, the place that they have never been and can only see in books, magazines and TV; I want to be with them to create memories that they will treasure for the rest of their lives. This will be a dream come true for me.”

We sent the family to the Big Apple for a trip to remember!


Wedding Wishes

Shawna is 39 years old and was marrying the man of her dreams! Kevin is the love of her life and getting married to him in a wedding that involved her three children was a dream come true. We were honored to be involved in her wedding plans, and we had some amazing people step up to help us.

Ashley Green donated her expertise as a wedding photographer www.photoswithashley.com and took all the pictures of the wedding party. Kim, Kris and Brenda Hannah did all the decorations and the Hall looked lovely.

The weather co-operated and it was a wonderful day for the wedding. We outfitted the wedding party, rented a Limo for the big day and made all the other plans necessary in helping to plan a day to remember!



shawna and kevin cc

Shania Twain here we come!

Carla is a huge fan of Shania Twain. In fact she at one time lived in Timmins, Ontario – the same town that Shania grew up in. Carla’s wish was to attend the Shania Twain concert to be held in Calgary in July. Getting tickets for this Event was not an easy task but we got two great seats for Carla and her friend Shirley.


We wanted to make sure Carla and Shirley made it to the Concert in plenty of time so we called White Pearl Limousines to hire them to pick up the ladies and bring them back home after the Concert. Kristy, from White Pearl Limousines emailed us to say that they wanted to donate their services for the night! They picked up Carla and Shirley and then were at the Concert after it was over to bring them back home. We supplied spending money for them to get CD’s of Shania and a great time was had by all.


Going Swimming

Sometimes you just want to go swimming in the ocean, and when you live in Edmonton that makes it hard to do! Liam is 18 years old and wanted to go to Newfoundland with his Dad to visit family and to go swimming in the ocean. We got to work and sent Liam and his Dad out to Newfoundland in July for 3 weeks of swimming and making memories!
Liam and his Dad