Dreams Come True

A Honeymoon in Vancouver

Lorna wrote to us about a wish for her husband Martin. They reside in Ontario and have spent their married life raising a family and working hard to support them. Martin and Lorna had never had a honeymoon and Martin promised Lorna that some day they would celebrate their honeymoon in Vancouver, B.C. Their 38th wedding anniversary was coming up on July 17th and Martin was diagnosed with cancer. Their dream of a honeymoon seemed unattainable. When we received Lorna’s letter, we stepped in to see what we could do. Lorna and Martin celebrated their 38th wedding anniversary in Stanley Park. They had a wonderful week sightseeing, seeing all that the City had to offer and enjoyed just being together. Lorna sent us some wonderful pictures when they returned. Sadly Martin passed away December 24th. Lorna advised us by email and wrote that “I immediately thought of what The Angels Anonymous meant to both Martin and I. You were there when I reached out for help, with kindness, compassion, and a true and honest caring.”

Celebrating an Anniversary

Ronald and Eileen had a 25th wedding anniversary coming up and had planned to celebrate by going to Jasper. Sadly Ronald got the news that he had cancer. We tried to make his dream come true before he got too ill but it was not to be. As an alternative, after planning other events that subsequently had to be cancelled, we rented a limousine for Ronald and Eileen and they spent a wonderful afternoon driving around Edmonton. Ronald got a chance to go back to his former workplace and say hi to everyone. They stopped along the way for lunch and drove through the River Valley. Ronald called our office when they got back and told us how much the drive meant to him. We were so happy that we were able to do something for this wonderful couple. A big thank you to Formal Lousine (http://www.formallimousine.com) for helping us make this wish come true. Wedding day and – 25 years later – still celebrating~

Christmas is about Grandchildren

Joanne is a single Mom – 45 years young. Both of Joanne’s children live in Ontario and between the two girls, they have 6 children, making Joanne a grandmother many times over! Two of the grandchildren Joanne has never seen, as both were born in October of this year. Joanne wanted to see her family one last time and her mother delivered an application to us, asking for our assistance. We couldn’t wait to get started! We brought the two families up for a week’s stay where they went to see Joanne every day at St. Joseph’s, where she is in palliative care. Nothing is better than watching a grandmother hold her new granddaughter for the first time.

Coming to Fantasyland!

Kelly Magill is 29 years old and has Hodgkins Lymphnoma. Kelly has been battling cancer since August, 2005 and was pregnant with her baby girl Cadence when she was diagnosed. Cadence is now 2 1/2 years old. Kelly’s wish states in part “I would like to take a memorable trip with my daughter and family. My daughter is infatuated with Minnie and Mickey Mouse. She would sit for hours if permitted to watch the Mickey movies. I hope that she would remember a trip with me. I am afraid she will forget me. I feel we need to spend some mommy daughter time together. I want her to remember some quality time with me and happy times as I have not been able to provide her with much lately just due to weakness and tiredness. I cannot wait to see the excitement in her eyes. I currently moved in with my brother and his fiancé and want them to take custody of my daughter after I pass and I would like them to come with me and my mom as it would be a good bonding time. I would need help with the oxygen tanks, wheelchair and my daughter. I want her to go on rides and see the parade and just laugh and smile and just be my little girl with no distractions, medical appointments or all the other things that comes with my illness.

I have heard about the princess suite at the hotel in Disneyland Florida and I want my little girl to feel very special and loved as she is a princess and my precious gift from God. She is my reason to keep going. It is not a real necessity but would be wonderful with that extra little enchantment. I just want to feel warm and see sunshine and have some good days which does not happen often. Please consider my application as this has been a dream of mine for over a year and I am on disability and cannot afford to go. If I were accepted, I would like to asap no specific date and we would fly out of Toronto airport. This wish is more for my daughter. She is my miracle and she is such a strong and brave girl. She has been thru as much as I have and feels the stress. I just want to see her being a child. Thank you for hearing my story.” Since Kelly requested her wish, her illness has progressed and Disneyland is not an option. So we are flying Kelly out to Fantasyland in Edmonton for 4 days of fun and excitement. We’re going to babysit Cadence so Kelly and her family can go to the Jubilations Dinner Theatre. We’re getting the family passes for all the attractions in the Mall. Kelly picked out the Polynesian Theme Room for herself, so that’s where she’s staying. We are going to videotape the trip so that Cadence will have some very happy memories of her Mom to watch as she grows up. A special thanks to Pioneer Chrysler and Hugh and Lucy Dunham for helping us with this wish. We have some surprises in store for Kelly and Cadence so stay tuned………………………


Kelly, Cadence and her family had a wonderful stay at Fantasyland. And it wouldn’t be complete without Minnie and Mickey Mouse – both of whom arrived just to see Cadence. A very excited little girl got to see her favorites and we got it all on tape for Cadence to take back home.

A Family Holiday

Nancy is a widowed mother of 5 children. At 41 years of age, she has been diagnosed with breast cancer, which has subsequently metastasized to her liver, lungs, and bones. In her application, Nancy stated that the family has never had a holiday, and their wish would be to go Canada’s Wonderland just outside of Toronto. She wrote in her application that “Fond memories of the time we have left together, with happy thoughts is all I would like to give them.” With the help of Hugh and Lucy Denham, we were able to make this wish come true. The family just returned from 5 days of fun and family fun. Stay tuned for pictures of the trip! A Great Time was had by all on the Trip! This is just one of many pictures take by the family. Although as Tamarya writes, “most of the pictures were taken of the animals we seen at the Zoo!”

To Jellystone Park We Go!


When talking to Lerena, you quickly realize that you are talking to a Mom who cares very much about her family. She speaks of pride of her children and husband, all of whom live in B.C. At 31, Lerena also has breast cancer. She wants to create happy memories for her family and take them away for a holiday. Her wish is to go to Yogi Bear Jellystone Park by Niagara Falls for a week’s camping and touring the Falls. She writes in part, “This wish of staying a week at Yogi Bear Jellystone Park and doing the tours around the falls while there with my husband and children will be a dream come true. I have never been on a family vacation as finances have always been a struggle for this family. My husband doesn’t from from a family that camps, fishes or partakes in outdoor activities. This is something I want to do to create memories of the things that Mommy loved to do. I can’t see my husband having the time to do Mommy things after my death as he will have to raise two children and work, all on his own.” We want to help. At the beginning of October, Lerena and her family will have her dream come true. We are flying them to Ontario to the Park. We’re lining up a week’s activities at the Falls and want to make this a holiday to remember. Here’s Lerena and her family – Stay tuned to hear details of how their trip goes!

A Family Vacation

Eric is 38 years old, and he and his wife Carole have two children; Maxime who is 17 and Benjamin who is 12. Eric has cancer, and wants to spend a weeks holiday with his wife and children in Cuba. Cuba has special significance for Eric and it is his wish to go there with his family. We are pleased to be able to help Eric fulfill his wish, and are sending them to Varadero, Cuba for one week of fun and sun and the making of some great memories. Balon Construction will be funding this wish with their generous donation that we received at Christmas. Stay tuned for further details.

DisneyWorld Here We Come

Clayton is a 24 year old with CUP, Carcinoma unknown primary cancer. He is married to the love of his life, Lisa and they have a baby daughter Mykenzi who is about 7 months old. Clayton’s application to The Angels Anonymous Connection states in part, “My dream is to provide a honeymoon for my wife who has been by my side through good and bad. I would want to include my daughter Mykenzi. My time with her is limited and precious. Both of them deserve nothing less. Being able to fulfill this wish would make my life of twenty four years complete. Even though Mykenzi is too young to remember, the trip would provide a multitude of animated photos that could be enjoyed over and and over again as my daughter grows.” We set out to give Clayton his honeymoon and trip to DisneyWorld. With the help of Crystal from Access Travel, we got the arrangements made and Clayton and his family left on November 30th for a week of fun and adventure. Stay tuned for reports of their trip!


Clayton and family arrived back home safe and sound and with some great memories. In Clayton’s words, “The memories that were made there with and for Mykenzi will never be forgotten. It was so amazing to put her in a place of such magic and imagination and to photograph and record as much as possible so that she always will have the memories of Disney and her father to look back upon.” We are so glad we were able to help this very deserving family – below is a picture taken at Disneyland!

The Calgary Zoo!

Sonya is a gorgeous 31 year old who immediately puts you at ease with her warm friendly, smile. She has an adorable 3 year old daughter Leah. Sonya has cancer and is facing this with dignity and courage. Her wish to us was to take a family trip to the Calgary Zoo with her family, and during the visit to have it videotaped so that Leah will have memories of a happy time with her Mom. We are so glad that we are able to help with this wish. We contacted Blue Sky Limo who are going to pick the family up and take them to Calgary and back. The Calgary Zoo has gone all out in an effort to make this a memorable day for Sonya and they will have their own special tour guide, as well as a ‘private’ session with the Giraffes. Many thanks to Trish Exton-Parder at the Zoo for making all the arrangements. While we didn’t quite know how to contact a videographer, our friend J’Lyne Nye has contacts everywhere and put us in touch with someone who is going to do an extremely professional job of videotaping. Rick Copley is spending the day with the family recording this event and we will let you know how everything turns out so stay tuned….


A great time was had by all. Our thanks to the Calgary Zoo who went out of their way to make this a memorable day for Sonya and family. Rick not only spent the day videotaping the event, but also sent up a beautiful picture for Sonya as well as a CD of pictures and some stills. Rick – thank you so much for all you did. Below is a picture of Sonya and Leah having a fun time .

It’s all About Hockey!

Annette wrote to us about her amazing husband Tim. Tim has a disease called Idiopathic-Myoglobinuria – a muscle disease that has only been diagnosed in about twelve other people worldwide. Tim has been battling this progressive disease since he was about seven years old, and time is running out. Tim has been a huge Toronto Maple Leaf fan ever since he can remember and has a room in their apartment loaded with Leafs memorabilia. Because of his muscle disease Tim could never play hockey but he did coach. It has always been Tim’s dream to see a Toronto Maple Leafs game and meet Pat Quinn. We are going to do everything we can to help make Tim’s dream come true. Tim and Annette are scheduled to leave Halifax on April 3rd to watch the Leafs play against the New York Islanders on the 5th.

Paul and Tori, a wonderful couple who live in Toronto, have stepped up and donated tickets for the game. Vallevand Construction Ltd. in Edmonton has offered to pay for this wish – thank you Jim! A limo is scheduled to pick Tim and Annette up and take them to the Air Canada Centre so that Tim can finally realize his dream. Stay tuned for updates!


Tim and Annette had an amazing time in Toronto. Not only did Tim get to the Toronto Maple Leaf’s game but he also got to meet with his hero Pat Quinn. A huge thank you to Al Hamilton for helping us arrange this meeting. Tim got to hang out in the dressing room with the Leafs after their morning practise and came home with a jacket, cap and sticks. Getting to meet Pat Quinn was a dream come true for Tim and although he is now exhausted from his trip, he says every single moment was worth it. You can check out Tim’s website at http://www.timhubley.piczo.com A Limo For You made sure they got to the game that night in style. The game was great and the Leafs won – all the better for Tim! Tim sent us one of his favorite pictures – how cool is this? There even is a resemblance!