Dreams Come True

A Young Boy and his Dad

This request is about a young boy, his daddy and a promise. Sam is battling cancer. But long before he got sick, he made a promise to his son Christopher, who is six years old, that he would take him to Jamaica to meet his grandmother. To Sam it is important that he keep his promise to his son, and so when he was diagnosed with cancer his family contacted us to help Sam make his dream come true. Sam is fortunate in that he has an incredible mother-in-law Ella, who has contacted almost everyone she knows to help with this wish. Ella alone has raised a considerable portion of the funds required to send Sam, his son, and a caregiver to Jamaica for two weeks. This wish involves people helping from one end of Canada to the other. Sam lives in Kitchener, Ontario. His mother-in-law lives in Moncton, NB. We are based in Alberta. And a dear friend who works as a travel agent in Charlottetown, PEI has waived her fee in order to help us with the travel arrangements. Many thanks go to Carla Murphy who works at Maritime Travel. This is truly a wish of people reaching out to help! If you would like to be involved with wish, please make a donation on our website or contact our office at 780-468-5506. Sam and Christopher and Harold leave for Jamaica on March 10th for two weeks. What an experience this will be for Christopher – and we are so glad that we have the opportunity to help a father keep a promise to his son.
Keri’s aunt wrote us a letter about Keri, starting out with “Keri is a beautiful young woman with a smile that brightens the world.” Keri is 23 years old, gorgeous and vibrant and a huge Mickey Mouse fan. As a small child Keri always wanted to go to Disneyworld but was never able to achieve that goal. Keri’s Mom is a single parent who raised Keri and her younger sister, and is currently struggling with MS. Keri has recently been diagnosed with colorectal cancer, which has spread into the liver, pelvis and lungs. When we received Keri’s application with her wish to go to Disneyland, we knew we could help! And so can you. If anyone would like to contribute to this wish please contact our office at 780-468-5506. Help us get Keri and her Mom and sister down to Disneyland for a week of fun and help her fulfill her dream of actually getting to see Mickey Mouse.


Keri had a wonderful trip Disneyland and got to spend a lot of time with Mickey Mouse. We wish to gratefully acknowledge Hugh and Lucy Denham who paid for the flight to Disneyland for the entire family and a special thanks to IKEA Canada, who were so generous in helping with spending money for the family. Keri’s sister works for IKEA and they showed their care and concern for their employees by helping with this wish. Also, to Dawn Harris from Winnipeg, who seen our wish for Keri and made a donation. Thanks everyone for helping make Keri’s dream come true!

Birgit is a friendly, beautiful lady who moved here from her native Denmark when her husband Tommy was vactioning there and persuaded her to move to Canada with him in 1980. A year later they welcomed daughter Charlotte, who was instrumental in helping her parents with this wish. It was Charlotte who discovered our website and called us. We sent out an application to Birgit, and her wish was to go to Jasper and Banff to see the mountains. She wrote, in part – “All of my friends from Denmark who have come to visit us have also gone to see Banff and Jasper, and have told me how beautiful a region it is. I broke my tailbone and two vertebrae from a fall I took the last time I was in the hospital, so this in addition to my condition keeps me fairly bedridden most of the time; I also find that I need to nap at odd times during the day in order to keep my strength and energy up. I’m not sure if this is a lot to ask for, but if my husband and I could be provided with some kind of motorhome or RV to travel to Banff and Jasper, then I would have a bed ready and would be able to lie down and rest any time I needed. If this dream could be made a reality, I would be eternally grateful.” We were able to help, with the assistance of True North RV in Sidney, B.C. who gave us a discount on the rental of a motorhome. We also provided a night at the Banff Caribou Lodge in Banff. Birgit and Tommy had a wonderful trip and she sent the pictures to prove it!


Birgit passed away in Ladysmith December 7th from her courageous battle with cancer.

Alex is 11 years old, and just recently found out Derick, his Dad, is dying of cancer. They are a family who have very little and when Alex was asked by his counsellor at school what he would like to do that would be special with his Dad his answer was maybe going to a nice restaurant or to get movie tickets. They don’t have much money and to him this would be a big deal. Derick submitted his application and in his words he said, “If you could help with Alex’s wish, I would be eternally grateful. I know my son(s) will be good people when they grow up because they are great kids now. I want to make good and positive memories for my family before I’m too sick to do anything.”

Well we can certainly help with that. We are flying the family out to Fantasyland – Alex, his mom Patsy, his dad Derick, and his 11 month old brother Joshua. If you would like to be part of this wish – by volunteering your time to drive this family to one or more scheduled events please call the office and let us know. If you would like to donate specifically to this wish, you would be helping give this family memories to talk about long after they have gone back home.


Derick and family arrived out in Edmonton as planned and were met at the airport by Wendy and Board Member, Bill Adams. After getting them settled in the Fantasyland Hotel, they were presented with their passes for the rides and their package for the Beach Party. Suzanne and Wendy babysat while we sent mom and dad to Jubilations Dinner Theatre, and the whole family even managed to get a trip in to the Odyssium while here. The Robinsons sent us an email when they returned that said in part “We just wanted to say hi and THANK-YOU very much.We had a GREAT time out there, it was a wonderful break from life and reality. It was great to just relax and have a great time; it’s been a while since we just kicked back and relaxed and thanks to you and your organization we did, and it felt great. Alex says to say hi and thanks.You will always be in our hearts and thoughs. What wonderful people you all are, not just because of the things that you have done for our family, but because there are not many people out there with the big hearts like yours.” We received an update from Maxine, who is the Social Worker at Alex’s school. She wrote in part, On a very sad note, Derick Robinson died this past Tuesday (9th August) after his very long struggle with cancer. I told Patsy I would contact you and her words were: “Thank you is not enough for what those people did for us…I can’t say it enough. I’ve been looking at the pictures a lot the last couple of days and Derick was smiling in most of them. Please tell them I am forever grateful.”

Jean Claude, Edmonton, AB

Jean Claude is a gentle giant – who at 46 has been diagnosed with metastic prostate cancer. His request came to us in April, 2004. Jean Claude wanted to go home to New Brunswick to visit his family, and especially, his mother. His best friend Carol, wrote us a letter with the application, telling us of how special Jean Claude is, and how he makes such an impact on others. We were so pleased to be able to help Jean Claude achieve his dream. On April 20th, Jean Claude and Carol flew down to New Brunswick, returning on the 28th. Jean Claude called it ’’the dream of a lifetime’’.

Bob, Toronto, ON

We received a call from Lysa, a lovely lady living in Toronto. Her brother-in-law, Robert M., is a bright, happily married 33 year old man, with 3 children, the youngest only 9 months old. Robert has skin cancer and is rapidly deteriorating. Contact with his Dr. revealed Robert has anywhere from one month to six to live. Lysa called us because Robert`s dream has always been to attend a hockey game – particularly the Toronto Maple Leafs. With playoff season in full swing, two tickets to any playoff game is not an easy accomplishment. But we did it! Robert will be attending the Playoff game on Wednesday, April 16th at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto. Limo For You will be picking up Robert and his wife and taking them to the Centre, where Robert will have a chance to meet one of his hockey heros, Wendel Clark. After enjoying the game, Robert and his wife will return home by limo.


Robert passed away May 12, 2003. Attending the game was one of the highlights of last days, and one that he often talked about.

A Stay at Fantasyland

Barbara wanted to come and stay at Fantasyland Hotel with her husband, Real.  Real wrote in their application “she would love to live in luxury for 5 days so she could just forget about her cancer and her shortened time with us.  Spending time at Fantasyland is something Barbara has never been able to do and we would love to spend our last Christmas together living her dream.”

We made that happen.  A stretch limo picked up the couple and returned them home in style.  Arrangements were made for a pedicure and massage when Barbara arrived.  A night at Jubilations Dinner Theatre added to the fun!


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