Request a Dream

We believe everyone deserves to realize one final wish, and by working together we can make your dream come true.

To help make your dream come true, please complete Steps 1 through 4 of the following dream application and mail to: #177, 8015 Roper Road NW, Edmonton, Alberta., T6E 6S4

To download the dream application form in PDF format.

NOTE: You will need Adobe Reader to read and/or print the attached file(s). If you need their free download, go to ( ).

As part of your dream request, we ask that you send us a photograph of yourself and a personal letter written by you, a family member, or a close friend, which describes your dream, why you need
our help, and the importance of this dream to you. We want you to tell us WHY this dream matters, and HOW this dream will provide you with a greater sense of comfort and fulfillment. Your letter should:

  • Be no longer than one (1) page in length;
  • Refer to the illness you are battling;
  • Clearly describe what your dream is – be specific;
  • For dreams involving air travel, include the number of participants, airport of departure and desired dates.

We are unable to grant the following types of dreams:

  • NO requests for cash, automobiles, property, or home improvements;
  • NO requests for cruises;
  • NO requests to fund medical treatments, medical equipment, or to provide legal assistance;
  • NO requests for someone with a chronic illness who is not in their last 12 months of life;
  • NO requests for surprise dreams;
  • NO requests for those who are not residents of Canada;
  • NO requests for celebrity meets or memorabilia.